How to Get Compensation for an Injury Without Suing

When it comes to injuries, most people always try to look for easy ways to get some compensation. Of course, it is not nice, especially if it was your fault, but in some cases even if it was your fault, you can get compensation for your injury. However, if you fake an injury or if you injure yourself on purpose just to get the money, then you can face some serious issues with the law. I strongly suggest that you stay away from such ideas and to ask for a compensation only if it was really an accident and nobody can prove otherwise.

I created this article to talk more about a specific tip that you can use to get compensation for an injury without actually suing. If you think that is impossible, then just stay here and you will find out something very useful that can help you avoid paying for all kinds of attorney fees. Not only you will get compensated for the injury, but you will avoid a quite big cost and that is attorney fees.

Make a Complaint or Claim

When you get injured, you don’t always have to sue the other person for being responsible, that will just take away a lot of your free time and some money. All you want to do is to get compensated for your injuries, especially when it wasn’t your fault. Here is an example of what you need to do, let’s say you are inside a store and you get injured, you immediately go and talk to a manager of that store. In most cases, stores have specialized claim procedures that you can fill out in order to request a compensation for your injuries. They have those claim procedures in order to avoid getting sued by you because in that case, they would lose far more money and reputation.

Call Insurance

In case you have health or car insurance, you definitely want to call the insurer first because suing won’t make the problem disappear. In fact, suing is a process that can take up to a year and you probably don’t have that much time. What insurance will do is cover all of your medical cost in the hospital and what is more important they will sue the other person. That’s right, they will take all the legal stuff on their shoulder and you don’t have to do anything.

Threaten to Sue

Accidents happen all the time and if we decided to sue the other person every time we are in an accident, we will have a very long waiting list. Most people decide not to use, especially when little accidents are involved, and you can walk away. However, you don’t want to let the other party know that you don’t want to sue them because that way they won’t pay you anything. You want to be serious and show that you mean business. They will offer you compensation and that’s when you step in and take their offer.